Benefits of CEREC - Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

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CEREC® relies on CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing). This type of technological combination allows dental practices to provide high-quality dental crowns. Each patient can go home happy with the new custom-fit crowns they have. If you want to learn about the benefits of CEREC CAD/CAM, here are the details.

Takes one visit

Traditional dental crowns take two to three weeks to complete. This can be time-consuming or inconvenient for some people. Busy schedules make it challenging to schedule and re-schedule dental appointments. CEREC removes the long wait in getting ceramic dental crowns. The CAD/CAM technology allows the patient to go home with new dental crowns after one dental visit.

Makes 3D impressions

The small intraoral camera takes pictures of the patient’s gums and teeth. The software then creates a 3D impression. These impressions are accurate. They contain even the smallest piece of information. The CEREC machine mills the dental crowns for about 15 minutes. Patients can enjoy the benefits of stable dentition by the time they leave.

Encourages quick growth in the practice

Many dental clinics want to stand out from the rest. Having a CEREC machine gives them the chance to do so. The machine gives them CAD/CAM capabilities in making their dental crowns. This results in easier and quicker procedures. The training for the operation of the machine takes time and money. Even so, this is an opportunity for the practice to grow more.

Attracts more patients

CAD/CAM restorations attract more patients. Studies show that 50% of all dental patients consider paying more for such high-tech restorations. Investing in a CEREC machine can help more people. It can give more patients optimal dental health while making the practice more famous. There is only a handful of practices incorporating CAD/CAM into their list of services. More patients can come in because of the machine’s availability and the skills of its professional operators.

Provides lasting restorations

Dentists can give patients lasting restorations with CAD/CAM technology. A CEREC crown can last for at least 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. Routine dental checkups help dentists check and clean the restorations. Replacing these restorations is also easier. The database has information for them. The CEREC machine can create a replacement in 15 minutes.

Has several different shades

Each tooth is different from the next one, especially when it comes to color. That is why CEREC’s CAD/CAM has a collection of different shades of natural tooth color. Once the fit and the shading are over, the dentist can match the color of the crown with the color of the natural tooth. This gives patients a lift in self-image.

CEREC CAD/CAM can give you accurate, high-quality crowns

CAD/CAM technology can help improve a dental practice. It can also enhance the overall patient experience a clinic provides. CEREC can provide accurate dental crowns. It does so without making patients uncomfortable. An appointment with your dentist can help you relay more of your needs.

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